Capture The Flag

I love CTFs and Cyber Exercises, and have participated and created several. Here’s a list of what I’ve participated in:

Date Event Team Place
2009-Present Mid-Atlantic CCDC Red Team N/a
2011-2015 Global Cyberlympics (GCL) UMUC Cyber Padawans 1st
2012-2013 National Cyber League (NCL) Individual 3rd
2012-2013 NSA Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) Red Team N/a
2011-2012 NA Global Cyberlympics (NAGCL) TeamICF (Red Team) 2nd
2011-2012 Maryland Cyber Challenge (MDC3) TeamICF (Red Team) 1st
2011 MITRE STEM CTF UMUC Cyber Padawans 3rd
2011 US Cyber Challenge(USCC) Team10 1st